Square Mile Learning Log

Square Mile


My first impression of the square mile was a little confusing and was wondering what I might cover for this assignment.


I was wondering how can I cover any one of the items in the square mile and this was a challenge for me.



I decided that I would have my square mile assignment covering the local fishing community; this was an idea that took me a while after researching some other people’s work.


When I looked at some links that was given to me on the course some I really did not understand and somewhere more obvious.


Peter mansell was one I felt my work was slightly based around by having a different outlook on life around his photos.


Jodi Taylor was one I can relate too, she used her local community in her assignment and this is what I wanted to do as well.


I based my research and my idea of Square Mile around this fishing industry in Hull, it used to be one of the biggest fishing ports in the UK if not the biggest.


Life in the fishing industry was very hard and is still visible in Hull, I decided that I want my set of images to reflect the decaying industry and my images I believe show this.


Hessle road was the most well known street around in the time the fishing industry was at it’s peak, St. Andrews quay was full to trawlers, wagon’s loading the fish, warehouses selling the fish as well as processing the fish.


The bull nose is one of the most iconic area’s in the fishing industry and I tried to capture this but there was strong light and made it difficulty, the bull nose is one of the last points of land before the entered the Humber Estuary before sailing off to the north sea.


I didn’t feel like there was a lot of technical stuff about this project other then the thinking side, however I did try to have a go with making the foreground pictures dark with the light I’m not sure this worked that well.


I feel like I have put a lot of thought into this project and tried to think out the box, this I find hard and this is one of the biggest reason’s I decided to sit this course I want to learn and this is certainly one way of doing this.


Digital contact sheet

As part of my oca course i need to make a digital contact sheet for my tutor

i have added this video as a reference back for myself and any one who may find this interesting


Historically a contact sheet was a page of images each printed at the same size as the film negative – they were used as a reference for the images on the film roll. They were called contact sheets because the film was placed in close contact with the paper when printing them.

These days the term contact sheet loosely means an arrangement of multiple, small, same size images on a single page usually with some identifying information such as the image filename placed under the image. The purpose is to provide reference to a larger number of images. You may print them to keep or give to a client as a catalog of the images from a shoot, for example.

You can create a contact sheet inside Lightroom and here’s how to do it:


this is my example Lightroom (IMG_0012.JPG and 8 others)


photomatrix essentials 4 for free



enter the code PDM112014

well on my way around asda tonight on hessle road in hull i picked up a copy of digital photo.

I noticed it had some free software , HDR software to be precise .

I have been after a good piece of HDR software for a while now and thought i would share this nice deal with my followers

I hope you all enjoy.

Hull Photography img_8795

My Square Mile

open college of the arts

My Square Mile


Make a series of six to twelve photographs in response to the concept of ‘The Square Mile’. Use this as an opportunity to take a fresh and experimental look at your surroundings. You may wish to re-trace places you know very well, examining how they might have changed; or, particularly if you’re in a new environment, you may wish to use photography to explore your new surroundings and meet some of the people around you.

You may wish to explore the concept of Y Filltir Sgwar further, or you may deviate from this. You may want to focus on architecture and landscape, or you may prefer to photograph the people who you think have an interesting connection to the square mile within which you currently find yourself.

You’ll need to shoot many more than 12 photographs from which to make your final edit. You should try to make your final set of photographs ‘sit’ together as a series. Don’t necessarily think about making a number of individual pictures, but rather a set of photographs that complement one another and collectively communicate your idea. You may wish to title your photographs or write short captions if you feel this is appropriate and would benefit the viewer.

However you choose to approach this assignment, it should communicate something about you: your interests, motivations, and your ambitions for your photography. Think of it as a way to introduce yourself to your tutor. There’s no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to respond to this brief, as long as you try to push yourself out of your comfort zone in terms of subject matter. Try out new approaches rather than sticking to what you think you’re most successful at.


I have been thinking about this and doing reaseach on this subject.

some of the people i have been looking at are


The Deep At Night


the deep , myton bridge

















The Deep At Night

Some very nice reflections going on at the deep